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Clicker Training Is Easy! The Shelby Pups

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

It really is!

The backstory:

My assistant and I usually do a better job of communicating with each other. I told her I had trained with the pups the night before. She thought that meant I had introduced the pups to the clicker, but I didn't get past teaching them to take chicken from my hands. When she began the training you see her do in this first video she made the assumption that she wasn't very good at what she was doing. Heavens! What she did was train the pups in front of her with the assumption that they would rise to the experience she offered them, and indeed they did. But so did she. Pretty training.

The full elapsed time of her training with the pups was five minutes. During that time, the pups heard a clicker for the first time, learned that chicken follows the sound of the clicker, and how to make my assistant click. They didn't learn how to do the behavior perfectly in five minutes, but they went from being happy pups to thinking pups headed to an understanding of how to have some control of their lives. This is a pivotal shift for a pup. It is a key part of the beginning of a life-long relationship with people.

As you watch these videos, pick a pup, any pup, and study what his body is doing in the first video and then in the second video. Big difference!

Wanna know how to train like this? Here's all you need:

....something so tasty a pup just can't believe it.

....a clicker.

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