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Step by Step: Follow the LGD Training Journey of Great Pyrenees Pups Rosemary & Basil

Day #2!

A new toy/learning adventure. Let the games begin!

How to start LGD puppies well is a hotly disputed subject, one that is confusing to new LGD owners. One of my passions in life is to teach people how to do their very best for their precious new pups because I know how important this early time is. The training LGD pups get, all in the right windows of time, sets the stage for their success or failure as adults for the rest of their lives. The training process can be joyful, fascinating, and exciting. I love it! I use my time with dogs in training here to teach others how to do the same through my blog posts, videos, and through my online course, building a roadmap for success for others. I hope you will join me with Rosemary and Basil!

Our Beginning

These beautiful pups had a great start in life with all the livestock exposure and socialization they needed, all managed by their breeder. Their owners hope that Rosemary and Basil will protect their goats, and other livestock while being an integral part of their animal family. My agreement with owners of dogs that come to me at my ranch for training is that they work as hard on their education as the pups and I are working here; we are partners in this training journey.

Rosemary and Basil arrived here following several days of travel, so I was very careful to set up a welcoming environment here that would be as similar to how they lived with their breeder. The video below will walk you through how I did that.

The pups settled in quickly. By their second day, they were ready to explore a bit. There is a fine balance to be had in creating opportunities for pups to take on more responsibility, in terms of venturing farther from their safe base, and not setting them up to become easily frightened. The video below will show you how their day went.

Our Two-Week Update


The pups have traveled confidently in three fields, as well as accompanying me as I do my ranch chores. This exposes them to LOTS of noise, activity, other LGDs and pet dogs. They have the choice to travel with me or retreat to their safe base, and I adjust how far I go with them based on what they choose on their own.


The pups live next to three sweet goats. At this point, the pups spend the day with the goats confidently; I return them to their base at night so that they can eat without conflict.

Puzzles to Solve

They have been challenged by many physical items:

Toys, noisy surfaces, a cardboard box to crawl in, a ramp and many, many other things to interact with. I add something every day and the list of things they encounter around the ranch with me is vast.

Stay tuned as we continue our adventures!

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