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Private Training
Sessions at the Ranch

Come and train with me here at the ranch!

Come and learn from the Benson Maremmas!

It is always valuable to work with more dogs than just your own. There are so many dogs here of a variety of ages and levels of experience.

If you have completed the Karen Pryor Academy Course prior to coming to the ranch we’ll step right in and go to work, employing the training principles you learned in this oh-so-valuable course.

If you have not completed the course prior to coming here and training with me you will probably want to by the time you leave! It is certainly possible (obviously) to be successful with LGDs without participating in this training course but it certainly does make managing LGDs easier.

This ranch is a Maremma college course. It is so informative to see this population of dogs as they guard a diverse group of livestock. My dogs all work in pairs; two dogs to a field and herd or flock. There are differences in every field; the size of the fields and complexity of task, housing differences for both the dogs and their livestock, just as two examples. Seeing all this can be helpful for a new owner of LGDs in planning how to use their own dogs in their environment.


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