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About Benson Ranch
Livestock Guardian Dog Training

My Story

I selected the Maremmas as my breed of choice because of their gentle temperament.  My dogs are soulful and friendly. They come to check in with me when I enter their fields and get their snuggle time and then happily go right back to their herd or flock.

I have been training animals for most of my life. It didn’t take me very long to discover that, even though this is true, I did not know all I needed to about how livestock guardian dogs see their world. Shortly after the arrival of my first Maremmas I began my formal study about canine behavior and training protocols. In consort with that I was living with an increasing population of Maremmas. This allowed me to learn the theory of training dogs in general and then to go outside and ask the guardian dogs if this was true for them. I found that I needed to make lots of adjustments!

This training journey and living with my Maremmas is one of the most exciting and rewarding periods of my life. What began as a study of canine learning theory because of necessity in understanding my own livestock guardian dogs has now become my primary life’s work.

I share this knowledge with others through books I write, blog posts and training videos, private instruction, and training dogs for others here at the ranch.

In 2023, I created my online LGD training course series. Please check it out!

Livestock Guardian Dogs: Learn to Master Behavior & Training Online Course Series

Welcome to Benson Ranch Livestock Guardian Dog Training!!!

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