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Livestock Guardian Dogs: Learn to Master
Behavior & Training Online Course Series

Unlock the Mysteries of Livestock
Guardian Dogs!

My Science-Based Courses Will Show You How


Trustworthy educational material is presented in an organized, dynamic way through this powerful online course. 


The online format brings together the best of all the teaching modalities: 

Blog posts are wonderful but they aren’t created as a complete way to learn about LGDs and they are challenging to organize so that topics may be searched for. 

Books are wonderful because they can easily be found because of Amazon’s incredible marketing engine, but books are one-dimensional and are not dynamic. 

Videos are very informative but are more effective, in terms of fully understanding what is happening in the videos, with added words that establish context. 







From Novice to Expert: Nurture and Train Livestock Guardian Dogs


This course brings together the best of written content and instructional videos.  




I am very proud of what has been created for you in this course! It consists of 300+ slides, 68 supplemental Readings, and 48 instructional videos. This is a comprehensive course and covers how to get started with LGDs, how LGDs think and learn, and how to train an LGD as a puppy and throughout his life. 


It doesn’t stop here. I hold scheduled Zoom sessions that current students may participate in as well as all graduates of the course. I will answer questions and continue to teach in these sessions.


Zoom sessions provide a significant ongoing learning opportunity. 


I strive to create a learning community with my courses that go forward after the course has been completed. Life with LGDs is ever-changing which necessitates ever-changing training skills.

This learning community provides an ongoing interactive educational resource for students and graduates of this flagship course. 


Please take a look! You will like what you see.



$200, with three months to finish the course at your own pace.

Rebates possible upon graduation from the course:

$50 – Graduates may provide me with their Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Foundations Course graduation certificate to take advantage of this rebate.

$50 – This rebate is for individuals who are involved in supporting LGDs through fostering or working in a shelter or rescue that provides support to LGDs. I will review the documentation provided to me to substantiate this connection.


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