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New LGD Facebook Group - Please Join Us!

My goal in creating this group is to have a place to share science-based training solutions to age-old LGD training questions and situations.

I hope members will share stories about their journeys with LGDs of any breed and in any occupation. My specialty is with working LGDs, but behavioral science doesn't have a specialty. It applies to all animals, and fish, and on and on.

I have learned the most about how to train LGDs from learning about how animals are trained in zoos, for many reasons. One big one is that animals in zoos can choose to participate in training - or leave. Ever try to get an LGD to do something he doesn't want to do? In working with many other kinds of animals, I am learning more about how to create circumstances where LGDs choose to stay and train with me, even when they are free to leave.

Fair warning: This group is a place where I will let my geek self run wild. What I used to post on the forum FB group page I was an admin on needed to be dialed back a little because a big purpose of that page was social. On my website, I strive to write in a way that casual readers can connect with. But on this new page, I am going to give myself free rein because I think I can make the assumption that members are there because science excites them.

I hope you'll come take a look, with an open mind and a kind heart. No experience needed! This isn't even just a page about dogs!

I am happy about this new situation!

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