Our Selection Process for Pups and Owners - And Why We Do It This Way - "See The Dog"

Updated: Jan 1

A baby dog, full of promise. But who is he? What does HE need?

****Dog wanted for lifetime position – must be perfect!***

Most breeders place LGD pups at about this age; the pup in the photo is nine weeks old. Most breeders place single pups. This just won't work for me. I clearly state this on my web site, in many places, and yet I am frequently contacted by prospective puppy buyers and told that my policies are unreasonable, or that the policy is important for some persons, but not this person.

My job, as a breeder, is to advocate for my pups. In doing my job well, I also advocate for their prospective buyers; that too is important to me. In my world, the breeder, the owner, and the pups, are all members of a team; we are a working partnership. Consider that the canine members of this team have not been asked if they want to be on this team! It is my job as their breeder to speak on their behalf.

Choice. Dogs need to be able to choose. Maybe you don't think so? You think you can "train" the dog to give you what you need? Dogs that are not a natural fit for the environment they are placed in must attempt to learn to cope. Some dogs can accomplish this, and some trainers can help a dog considerably in learning to do this, but why do it, why would you chose to set a dog's life up this way?