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Barrier Challenge & Novel Stimulus– 8 Weeks of Age

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Simple barrier challenges like this help teach the pups to be problem solvers.

Here the pups begin formal training with barrier challenges. For this session, we used a ramp. We have given them lots to be challenged by in their stall so that they can experiment on their own; in this video, Krysta lets the pups know their bravery will be rewarded! Barrier challenges are a great tool to use to teach early environmental discernment and problem-solving to pups. Since the pups had only been on level surfaces up to this point, they needed to learn to climb it and not fall off! We left the ramp with them for the remainder of the day. Later we will use this ramp to teach them to get on the grooming table and in cars.

Our novel stimulus item of the day was this big, stuffed dog. I thought it might be scary to them because it has eyes – oh, not so!

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