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Guarding Cows – 16 wks

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

I took this photo one evening when I was doing chores. I glanced across the barn, and this lovely sight greeted me. The Blush pups are in the far stall; the Sara pups are closest to me. Puppies grow up so quickly!

I have such an affinity for these dogs. Twice now, there have been thirty-three Maremmas here all at once – that is truly bliss for me. Everywhere on the ranch, if I look closely I will see at least one pair of dogs working contentedly, if not more. Watching my adult dogs skillfully manage their livestock populations reminds me of why the time I spend training puppies matters so much.

The pups now live in the big field full-time and, for a week or so, have been guarding cattle instead of sheep. This requires mindfulness from the pups, as the cows are pushy and not above giving a bouncy pup a good shove.

The pups have found lots of cool ways to entertain themselves! The feeder and water trough are favorite places.

There is a muddy spot in this field that the pups just love.

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