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Building a Strong Defense: Training the Black Alder Pups as Livestock Guardian Dogs

The Black Alder trio is hard at work. Let us out! No time to eat in this pen!

The litter of six Black Alder pups came to me for training when they were nine weeks old. The three pups in the video above are seven months old. I bring them inside this pen when I feed them, but they never stop working. They are so sure of themselves, even at this tender age. I am so proud of them!

Black Alder's Rocket's Red Glare

Rocket is a sweet, gregarious, brave pup.

Black Alder's Triumph Doth Wave

Triumph is a serious fellow; he moves mindfully around me,

and the livestock he is with.

Black Alder's Glory Reflected

Glory is a very affectionate pup, but is also a brave, capable worker.

Being with her always makes me smile.

Triumph and Glory are staying with me for additional training and will move to their new home in a couple of months. Rocket will stay with me until Debi finds the perfect home for him. The other three pups are in their new homes and doing very well; one went all the way to Canada to a job with a lot of responsibility. All of them transitioned easily into their new situations.

In their time with me, the pups have successfully lived and worked with sheep, goats, pigs, mini donkeys, and cows. They have interacted with many strangers of all shapes and sizes. They have met a large assortment of companion dogs. The pups have been exposed to traffic and the noise of ranch equipment. They are confident travelers in my car and handle trips to the vet, or the local feed store, as if it is all part of a normal day. I can handle all their body parts and trim toenails easily. They follow my hand as a target, which allows me to move them with ease or bring them to me. They are wonderful on a leash. They have mastered my gate protocol, which makes living with them a delight. The pups have all had PennHIP testing.

It is such a privilege to work with, and learn from, a litter of puppies. I created the Black Alder series to serve as a blueprint for success for other owners of puppies to follow. Everything I have ever done with these pups has been easy; one sure step at a time. They have truly had an errorless learning experience here on my ranch. I created my online courses so that owners had access to proven training methods based on the current understanding of behavior science.

I hope what I have accomplished with this litter will inspire others to follow my example.

This is the link to the homepage of my courses. One of them is a FREE course!

Please check them out.

A Nostalgic Look Back

This was the first clicker session with the pups the day after they arrived.

These are their first moments in the field with my trusted puppy-trainer sheep.

These are their first moments in the field with my flighty goats.

The pups have walked in the novel woods with strangers and a pet dog.

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