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Introducing 11-Week-Old Puppies to a New Field

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

The pups put on quite a show for us as they navigated this new field.

This is a new pasture for the ranch. It was a great place for puppy exploration without the super steep banks that their last transitional field has. Along the edge of the field to the left are two yearling steers; to the right are mini donkeys, sheep, and three Maremmas. These three dogs are new to the pups. So, a lot was learned in this experience.

This brush pile obviously offered some new smells for the pups.

Later this week, I was able to bring in sixteen-month-old Meadow and Benson to mentor the pups. These two more mature dogs now spend a lot of time with the pups, including being on this creek field. Soon, I hope to add the sheep, lambs, and four young goats to the mix. I'll need some extra hands on deck for that, so I'll have to plan ahead.

This is Meadow, Benson, and Red Tail hanging out with the pups.

The girls did more leash work with the pups, taking them far down the lane and through the barnyard.

Here's the full video of the new creek field adventure. Enjoy! It's a long video, but I think it is fun to watch, so I left it that way.

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