Tell Me About Maremmas

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Livestock guardian dog breeds have existed for centuries and work in all corners of the world. These very specialized dogs have little to no prey drive. This makes them different from conventional companion dog breeds. LGDs do not herd livestock - these incredible dogs bond with the livestock they live with and see them as pack members. Maremmas are kind and nurturing with their charges and ferociously adversarial to anything perceived as trying to cause harm.

From The Dog's Perspective.....

From the dog's perspective....

Maremmas own the ground they stand on, typically defined for them by the perimeter fencing. A Maremma entering a field for the first time will raise his head and take a quick look; then his nose will go down, his tail will come up, and off he’ll go for a perimeter check. This behavior is typical of LGDs and begins early in life. I have seen six week old pups do perimeter checks. The little eight week old pup in the photo entered this new field, found her sheep, and then headed off to investigate the boundaries all on her own.

Animals found within this perimeter belong to the dog. This includes livestock, household pets, fowl, and humans! All become the responsibility of the LGD. LGDs do their most important work at night when predators are active. From dusk to dawn these hard working dogs bark, scent mark, and do perimeter checks. When LGDs