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My LGD Podcast with Natural Encounters, Inc.!

What a wonderful opportunity this was!

In November 2022 I went to Florida (from Oregon!) to attend a five-day training course at the Natural Encounters facility. This 34-acre facility is home to over 70 species of animals, including birds of prey and over 100 Macaws. This was an amazing experience, deserving of its own blog post, so watch for that. While I was there, Chris Jenkins, one of the hosts of this weekly podcast and my team leader trainer for the week, invited the group of students to join him on this week's podcast. I was the only student who took him up on this offer!

I look for opportunities to talk about LGDs being used as working dogs, LGD behavior and training, and the risks LGDs in this country face every day. Chris gave me the full hour to talk about what I care about with LGDs, as well as what I had been learning in the course. My head was full of geeky behavior-related lightbulb moments because of what I was learning from the lectures by Steve Martin, the owner of Natural Encounters, and from my training experiences with my training partner Rufio, the Scarlet Macaw.

Here is the link for the podcast; scroll down for the listed episodes, and click on Episode #135. I hope you enjoy it!

This is Rufio, my Natural Encounters training partner.

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