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How To Wash a Dog in the Field - The Grooming Series

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

I wash most of my dogs in the fields they live in because that is fast and easy for me, with the added bonus that the partner dog is watching. The second dog is always less reactive to the water from my nozzle, having watched the first dog live through the experience. Many of my dogs really enjoy the body massaging that goes along with getting a bath. We usually run with them for a bit afterward and play, thus making dog washing a celebration!

I wash the whole dog in the summertime only. Sometimes I wash hind cheeks and underbellies only in late winter when accumulated mud becomes a problem for some of my dogs. I am very careful not to get the rest of the dog wet in these cool weather partial washings and towel dry the dog as best as I can.

These are my favorite washing the dog products:

This shampoo is great stuff - I love it!

This condition is made to be OK to leave on, but I have always rinsed the dog after I use it so I don't know how that would go.

Oh my gosh this stuff is wonderful! No tears! And, since it is dispensed as foam, it is very easy to control how much is used and where it needs to go, such as inside ears.

I consider this particular nozzle to be essential equipment, having tried many other inferior nozzles previously. This one is a game changer.

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