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Capitol Press LGD Article - Nice Coverage!

Updated: Jul 7

Taped to the wall of my local feed store!

In September 2022, Molly Cruse, writer for the Oregon Capitol Press newspaper, contacted me about guardian dogs. She wanted to write a factual account of how Oregon ranchers use guardian dogs to their advantage. She had interviewed other LGD owners but wanted to also interview me so I invited her to the ranch. To my surprise, she was willing to drive four hours each way to do this live interview with me.

Molly spent about three hours here. She took many photos, including the ones she used in the article, and asked appropriate questions that reflected her careful research of this topic. I appreciated that!

I am given the opportunity often to talk about what I do here at the ranch. I have been interviewed many times regarding both the Maremmas and the mini donkeys I raise. The November/December issue of Horse Illustrated magazine has an article about caring for mini donkeys that features the ranch.

I like my privacy and seclusion, here at the ranch, but I also feel it is important to step up to these opportunities to talk about the work I do here, if only as a counter-balance to the miss-information that is out there as rampant in the LGD industry.

LGD have a dangerous job, in this country, as they are often misunderstood by their owners and can fail at the job the owner hoped they would do. Add to that, this little tidbit: A recent comment, from a source that surprised me, told me about a designer new breed of LGDs as a result of "function-focused breeding" for the work they do, with a temperament "more" suitable to small farming. Wow, scary.

So, even though I like my privacy, and to hide here on my ranch, I will continue to take every opportunity offered to me to accurately represent LGDs. I hope you'll do the same. I really do think this is one of the best ways to mentor change within our working LGD industry to protect these incredible dogs.

This is the link to the online article:

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