A Language All Their Own

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

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Introduction, written by Kathy Flynn

"This is a short video of Luna, a 5 year old Maremma, and Stella, a 15 month old Nigerian Dwarf who was new to the property.  Her attempted introduction to the dogs had taken a bad turn when she panicked and butted, then kicked, my younger dog who then retaliated.  His retaliation was actually appropriate, and he didn't harm the goat, but obviously we wanted to avoid that again.

It was decided that we would use Luna, with her calm maturity, to acclimate Stella.  Luna visited the enclosure when Stella was staying with her mother and brother (who had been there for almost a year).  Luna was on leash during the visits to prevent her from approaching Stella.  After about five visits, I turned Luna loose. 

All of us - the dog, the two humans, and the three goats, were outside.  Stella chose to go into the barn and Luna followed her inside.  This is the video of that interaction.

Stella is now living peacefully with the rest of the goats and both do