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Tips for using our Blogs

There are a lot of blogs and videos on my site – with many more to come! Most of us don’t have endless time to sit and watch videos, however much fun that might be, so I have some suggestions about where you’ll find the information you are looking for on my site:

If You Are New To LGDs

I made a new category just for you! I will add to it over time but for now there are some good examples of how LGDs do their job. Please also see Training Foundations, Maremmas At Work, and For New Owners of Our Pups categories.

If You Want To Learn About Available Pups/Dog

I will write blogs, with video components, for the training of every litter and will post them to this category until all the pups of a specific litter are sold. I paint my pups; they stay that same color until they leave me. I have painted pups for months and months! So if you would like to follow the progress of a specific pup from birth and through all his/her training experiences that is easy to do by watching the blogs in the Follow Available Litters category.

If You Want To Know How We Train Here

When we trained Blush’s 2019 litter I meticulously chronicled every step of their training; this training is the basis for every litter trained here, with a few changes along the way as my own education progresses. We get better at raising litters with every litter- and that is as it should be! Please also see the Training Foundations category.

If You Have Purchased Pups/Dogs From Me

One of my requirements of buyers of my pups is that they watch/read all the blogs in the For New Owners of Our Pups category well in advance of the pups going to their new home. Our pups are several months old when they leave me; this gives new owners lots of time to prepare for their arrival by building new fencing if necessary or acquiring livestock appropriate for young dogs.

If You Are A Breeder Tips

Our husbandry practices here are unique, I think, so you may find the Husbandry page helpful. If you would like to take on training your own pups as we do here the Blush series will give you step by step instructions on how to do that. The age specific categories will help as well.

If You Would Like To Learn How To Train Your Own Dogs

Please start with the Training Foundations category – those blogs are your building blocks. They will give you a good idea of the possibilities of training and how to get there. They will also help to show you the value of training, to you as the owner and for the safety of your dogs.  These categories show the earliest windows of the for the training shown there to be appropriate for pups but it is also sequential training and is appropriate for more mature dogs as well. Puppies learn on speed dial. Dogs past this early developmental window learn too, they just learn the concepts more slowly.  If you really, really want to understand your dogs, read the For Science Geeks blogs. Mostly they aren't scary complicated, I promise, but they are where I really get to run with my love for the dogs and my ever-increasing education as a trainer. 

If You Are Having Trouble With Your Own Dogs

I first must say – the dog is never wrong. If you are having trouble with your dog it’s likely that he is just as confused and unhappy. Managing the environment the dog lives in is the first step in redirecting the dog to behaviors you want to see more of.  Spend lots of time on the Training Foundations page and the …For Science Geeks Like Me pages, because this will help you go back ahead of when the problems began and training differently. It is MUCH more difficult to re-train these dogs so training from a proactive point is time well spent. And PLEASE, don’t be tempted to try a quick fix, such as a shock collar. Methods of training like this will cause you and your dog so much trouble….

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