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We offer for purchase well trained adolescent Maremmas

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Cindy Benson KPA CTP

Training For Livestock Guardian Dogs and Their Owners


Let us help you understand how livestock guardian dogs do their job, what motivates them, and how they learn.

We use scientifically sound positive reinforcement training methods only. Dogs love this kind of training!

Please check out our extensive training blog library.

Learn to be an incredible livestock guardian dog trainer yourself! We can help!

Our Goals: 

  • To better understand the complexity of how Livestock Guardian Dogs do their job. 

  • To better understand what motivates Livestock Guardian Dogs and how to communicate with them. 

  • To train Maremmas using scientifically sound positive reinforcement training.  

  • To assist Livestock Guardian Dog owners in a better understanding of their own dogs. 

  • To provide educational resources for Livestock Guardian Dog owners. To promote a harmonious existence with predators and livestock.

Benson Maremmas Training

Maremmas at Work

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