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The guardian dogs came into our lives by necessity. I had resisted the idea for years for many reasons: I didn’t want to be responsible for more animals, I didn’t want to feed that much dog food, I didn’t want to have to listen to the dogs bark, and the list goes on. The final push came with the loss of a $5000 foal. As Murphy’s Law prevails, she was my favorite of that year’s foal crop. And so came the first guardian dog. Almost immediately Mitch and I rested easier because it was clear this dog knew her job, and enjoyed it! What I was really unprepared for was how much I would come to love these dogs for who they are, far beyond the very important work they do for me. My awe and respect for them cannot be overstated. It is a distinct privilege to be allowed to live with them.

I present our Maremmas to you proudly.

All come from working parents and from experienced, responsible breeders of high quality dogs. Our dogs have proven to be capable guardians, have conformation and temperament within the breed standard, and have passed their health exams, including hip certifications. All our breeding dogs have these certifications and have among the highest possible scores. I am SOOOO proud of this!!!!  To learn more heck out our Hip Scores page.

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