Thistle Havens Liliana

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  • DOB: 3/30/14

  • Sire: Francesco del Montecarlo - direct Italian import

  • Dam: Stella - direct Italian import


Lili PennHIP scores:  .31 and .27

Lili’s was spayed after her last litter due to post-whelping complications. Her three offspring, Bonavento, Sarika, and Cameo, are here in our breeding program to carry her incredible bloodlines forward. Lil lives with Bonavento as her partner and is a trusted guardian to any type of livestock I give her, with Bonavento of course.

Ah those bloodlines…..Lili’s Story

In Italy Maremmas are raised as show dogs as well as working dogs. Most Maremmas imported from Italy are from generations of kennel raised show dogs. Not so with Lili. Her breeder, Kristina Lawwill of Peavine Hollow, raised Maremmas for more than twenty years. She has now sold all her dogs and retired.
Six different times Kristina flew to Italy, sought out and visited working sheep ranches employing Maremmas, and purchased pups from those carefully selected bloodlines. One of the many challenges in importing working bloodlines is that is that a lot of the shepherds overseas who use these dogs for work often don’t take the time to register them or the pups they produce. The dogs must have been registered in Italy to be registered and valuable to our gene pool in this country.

It is MUCH easier to find and import kennel raised Maremmas. Way back when I was just building my breeding program I learned about the importance of imported working bloodlines from Kristina. Three years and lots of money later I finally had puppies born on the ranch from these great blood lines. 
In 2017 Lili produced a litter of nine pups sired by Centurion. Lili was a great mom, but she developed mastitis early on, and possibly a uterine infection. I struggled to keep Lili healthy over the course of the next three weeks as she was seen by several different veterinarians. Through the support of my dear friend and small animal veterinarian Dr Laura Bailey the decision was made that for her safety Lili needed to be spayed. This was all an emotional roller coaster for me. I am so grateful I didn’t lose Lili. I have learned a lot!
So, given all that I kept Lili’s pups until they were old enough to have their hips tested. I had seven of the pups tested and was rewarded for my time and effort; their PennHIP scores are truly legendary. Two of her daughters and one of her sons have been retained for our breeding program; Lili has certainly left her mark with me.  And here we are today…. what a ride.
My greater message is that an incredible breeding program is intentional, and very often expensive to create. I am so, so proud of what Liliana and Centurion were able to produce. Their pups are worth all this to me!!!!

Liliana produced nine puppies sired by Centurion on 9/15/17.

Due to complication post-whelping she has been spayed, so these pups will be her last. It’s shame, but I love my dog.

This was the safest choice for her.

These are their PennHIP scores:

.18 & .16 – Benson Ranch Bonavento

.24 & .26 – Benson Ranch Armani

.18 & .30 – Benson Ranch Santino

.22 & .24 – Benson Ranch Marquise - now owned by Debi Reid, Black Alder Ranch in Idaho

.27 & .30 – Benson Ranch Cameo

.24 & .22 – Benson Ranch Sarika

.27 & .27 – Louie's Benson Ranch Lucia - Now owned by the Louie Ranch in California

We were so very fortunate to be able to purchase this incredible dog. Liliana is a gregarious girl. She has been gentle and accepting with me and all the new kinds of animals she is being asked to guard. I am very impressed with her. At 130 lbs she is a large dog, with substantial, solid conformation. Both of Liliana’s parents are direct Italian import from working blood lines. This is important. That a dog carries imported blood lines does not necessarily tell the whole story. In Italy Maremmas are shown, so some imported lines come from show dogs raised in kennels, not from Maremmas out working in the hills with the sheep.