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For a pup of this age life is all about exploration; everything is new! 

Price: $2000 per pup

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The price is for a pup four to six months of age, sold with Limited registration, with PennHIP testing included. The pups are placed in pairs only unless the buyer already has a suitable LGD partner.

I place my pups as started adolescent dogs only. Giving my puppies significant training prior to them leaving me increases their likelihood of success and the satisfaction of their new owners. This helps to keep my puppies safe in their new lives.

An eight week old pup is full of promise and wide eyed wonder. They have so many lessons to learn at this age; they are also mentally and physically fragile. This is a typical age for most breeders to place pups, usually as single pups. I just am not comfortable with that - I know there is a better way that nurtures the pup as he matures into a confident worker.

A four month old pup knows a lot coming from this ranch. When pups of this age leave me, in pairs, they are confident and ready to go to work. I still consider pups of this age to be babies but they have a solid foundation to build on because of what they learn here through our training program. My pairs of pups typically acclimate to their new homes almost seamlessly; they have a very high rate of success. I base this statement on the feedback I get from the new owners of our pups. I am so proud of this! 

Our training program here at the ranch is impressive and comprehensive. I begin training our pups when they are two weeks old using Puppy Culture protocol and then add in all that I have learned over the years about training LGDs. I have owned or done training with over 200 Maremmas. For details about our training program please see the Husbandry and Training pages on my web site.

I want my puppy owners to be well prepared to take on my pups and work hard to support them through the training book I am writing, the content of my web site and increasing number of blogs there, as well as through training videos of this litter and previous litters.

I have created a blog series for my web site called “Follow Blush’s Pups.” In this blog series I meticulously chronicled the training of this litter from birth through five months of age. This training is typical to how we train all out litters so if you check out this blog series you will be well informed about what training means to me here on the ranch.

 I am dedicated to the safety of my pups and the satisfaction of my buyers.

These four month old pups had been in their new home only a week or two when they were allowed to interact with the alpacas; they had never seen an alpaca prior to moving here! Look at the confidence of the pups and the trusting acceptance by the alpacas - beautiful!!

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This is seven month old Armani confidently at work. Notice how trusting the sheep are of him. That's a big complement for a young dog!

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