Maremma LGD Training

Additional training for pups produced here is $200 per month.


Training is also an option for pups purchased elsewhere at $250 per month.

Criteria for outside training:


  • pup must be 8-12 weeks of age and stay here in training for at least 60 days

  • pup must be destined to work with a partner; I will not train dogs who will be asked to work as a single dog.

  • 4 month old pups have option to stay several more months

There is no cost for board. Owner is to provide, or pay for, feed, vaccine, and Heartguard Plus.

** Veterinarian on site

Rosie w sheep.JPG

This is 3 1/2 month old Rosie, here in training, working with nine sheep and her ten month old mentor Sabrina.