Sarika x Milan 2019 Litter


Benson Ranch Sarika x Stoneybrook’s Milan


11 Pups - 8 Males, 3 Females

Benson Maremmas is pleased to announce the birth of eleven Maremma pups born 10/20/19. Their sire is Stoneybrook’s Milan; the dam is Benson Ranch Sarika. The pups will be old enough to be placed into their new homes in March 2020.

I place my pups as started adolescent dogs only. They will be at least four months old and have had PennHIP testing completed. Giving my puppies significant training prior to them leaving me increases their likelihood of success and the satisfaction of their new owners. This helps to keep my puppies safe in their new lives.

​The sire of the pups is our gorgeous Stoneybrook’s Milan. Milan’s hip scores are .15 & .34. Milan is a sweetheart of a guy; I love this boy’s temperament. Milan is solid trustworthy guardian and has worked with a variety of livestock including lambs, sheep, mini cows and Miniature Donkeys.

​​The dam of the pups is Benson Ranch Sarika; her hip scores are .24 & .22. Sarika’s dam is  Thistle Haven’s Liliana. Her hip scores are .31 & .27. Sarika’s sire is Watermark Farms Centurion. His hip scores are .28 & .27. Eighteen of Centurion’s offspring have had hip testing – all have exceptional hip scores.

Sarika is a lovely dog. She is just over 130 lbs. Her conformation is wonderful; her temperament is calm, steady, and nurturing.

** view hip scores at bottom of the page in photo gallery

​Our training program here at the ranch is impressive and comprehensive. Training begins when the pups are two weeks old using the Puppy Culture protocol. When they are four weeks old I begin to add in all that I have learned over the years about training LGDs. I have owned or done training with over 150 Maremmas. For details about our training program please see the Husbandry and Training pages on my web site.

​I want my puppy owners to be well prepared to take on my pups and work hard to support them through the training book I am writing, the content of my web site and increasing number of blogs there, as well as through training videos of this litter and previous litters.

​I have created a blog series for my web site called “Follow Blush’s Pups.” The training of Sarika’s pups will follow that protocol so if you view the blog series you will learn much about how her pups are being trained. I will also create blogs and videos of Sarika’s pups as we go along.

​Price: $2000, sold on a spay/neuter contract. Pups sold with breeding rights are priced differently. The pups will be placed in pairs only unless the buyer already has a suitable LGD partner.

​This price is for a pup four to five months of age, with PennHIP testing included. Additional training for pups raised here is $200 per month.

Benson Ranch Now Offers Maremma puppy training.

​As well as raising livestock and producing outstanding Maremma puppies we offer training on a per month basis. Buyers of my pups have the option of leaving them here with me in training beyond the minimum age at which they can leave. I think placing started pups at five to eight months of age is ideal.

​Benson Maremmas now offer training to pups not born here as well. That rate is $250 per month. For more details please see the Services page on my web site.

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