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What Happens While We Think We Are Recording Something Else!

My dear friend Kathy comes to the ranch every Tuesday, to train pups with me as well as a laundry list of related tasks. Neither of us love the video camera, being in front of it or being in charge of recording our sessions. In fact, it would be true to say that we hate it! I would love to quit! But I know the videos we produce are valuable, if only to us. Once we get our video projects completed on any given day we dash to the house to upload them, with the hope that we did any sort of decent job of it.

The short video clip above is a portion of this day's accomplishments.

Kathy and I are really serious about these videos! We plan them like crazy. Setting up the equipment is complicated; for instance, location is everything. One of the considerations is what the camera will see behind what we intend to record. As I work with the dogs I struggle to stay on topic. I pretend only five trusted friends will ever see the videos. I try not to say "um" too many times. Whomever is managing the camera has an even more difficult job. The tiny, blinking, red "recording" light is made for much younger eyes than we have, and I swear it shuts off for fun right in the middle of our best videos; this actually happened later on this day. Grrr!

It is also difficult to really be sure what the camera sees because the video screen is small; zooming in and out distorts things as well. So, you get the picture, right? Not fun! Stressful! And, here's an extra fun fact: On the top of the camera is an external microphone, covered in (of all things) fake fur. I am sure the dogs think it is a squirrel, or at least some sort of toy. My two thousand dollar's worth of video equipment has been in peril many times!

At the point that the clip above was recorded we had been working with the camera, and the pups, for a couple of hours - if you'd like to see the rest of our training day, please look for the corresponding full blog and videos. Bringing the excited pups through the gate is organized chaos. The group had been watching the individual training sessions and knew they were missing out on a good time. I figured it out; I am training with almost seven hundred pounds of puppies here!

I was absolutely focused on what I was doing, and I saw, out of the corner of my eye, one of the pups repeatedly accosting Kathy and the fuzzy thing. How Kathy managed to keep her focus and not just dissolve into giggles is beyond me. I stayed on task. Kathy tried to continue recording while avoiding the pup in front of her, and the 140 lb dog in the stall with her.

She saved the camera, and we kept going. We raced into the house to see the result of our efforts, and laughed until we had tears rolling down our cheeks when we saw this puppy nose.

Life happens while we are making other plans!!!! I hope you have as much fun viewing this pup's antics as we did. Additionally, check out the twenty three goats in the background. What a hoot!

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