• Cindy Benson

Upcoming Webinar with Karen Pryor Clicker Training & Benson Maremmas

This is seventeen month old Meadow being introduced to adult goats for the first time. Notice her typically gentle LGD body language full of calming signals for the nervous goat girls.

On May 6th, 2021, Benson Maremmas is going to be honored by being part of a Live From the Ranch virtual segment produced from the National Clicker Training Institute. I will be part of a live interview with Ken Ramirez; he is the Karen Pryor Chief Training Officer. This is the first time in KPA history that livestock guardian dogs will be a focus in one of these sessions. Mr Ramirez owned one of my dogs, Tulip, for several months and has visited the ranch, so he has a good feel for what kinds of questions to ask of me that will provide value for the LGD community. Included in the segment will be a short video created here at my ranch for this purpose.

I hope you will join us! Click the link below for more information, and to request the necessary link to join the live session.

Yea for increased visibility of the value of positive reinforcement training for livestock guardian dogs!!!!


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