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The Shelby Pups - Puppies as Sovereign

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

The Shelby pups are getting ready to go to their new homes at nine-ten weeks of age. As I mentally prepare for this my mind keeps playing over some of the scenarios pups experience in the hands of new owners, having been one myself.

I hope this video will ease the way for these particular pups and owners, and maybe it will be helpful beyond that.

Puppies as sovereign.....

Many new owners acquire pups and then set about "training" them, rather than learning from them through a respectful partnership. There is even a popular training methodology called "Sit For Please" which advocates that a puppy, or dog, must give something to the owner before being given something from the owner. I find this thought process abhorrent.

Dogs can be our willing partners and friends but they own us nothing!

Living with dogs, and learning from them, can be a delicate dance. Remember that they did not choose to live with you. In bringing a dog home an honorable contract is established to give them the best possible quality of life. What a privilege it is to be in that position as an "owner"!

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