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The CA Boys Go To Town!

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

All our pups get to visit the local hardware store. For these sixteen-week-old pups, this was a great day! They were greeted at the door by a friendly stranger with treats.

A hardware store is a busy place. Behind my assistant is a noisy road. In front of the pups are two double-glass doors. There are strangers coming and going; cars coming and going in the parking lot.

This is Larry, one of the owners of the hardware store.

There are hamsters and rabbits in the case in front of the pups; to their left is a cage with kittens in it. All of this is new to the pups.

This is always a favorite spot in the stoor for the pups!

These little livestock-pasture pups must feel like they have landed in OZ. It is so important to take the time to expose LGDs to things like slippery floors, tall ceilings, and general chaos when they are young. As adults, these pups won't think a trip to the veterinarian is challenging at all!

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