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Puppy Socialization – A Family Affair

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

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I am fortunate to have a variety of friends willing to train puppies with me. I have tall trainers, short trainers, young trainers (the youngest being 5 years old), older trainers, and men and women.

With the Blush litter you’ve all seen Barry. He has been wonderfully consistent in making time to train with us; two of the pups will ultimately go home with him.

From time to time we get to borrow Wendell…..

Wendell is “the dad.” He is Ronda’s husband, and dad to Krysta, Marissa, and Kayla. He likes to tussle with the puppies, for which he is scolded! The girls and I all keep a close watch over Wendell’s interactions with the pups. He’s gotten used to that and is a pretty good sport about it. This is Wendell’s second litter to participate with.

One of the many things that is great about Wendell is his awful hat. The rest of us don’t wear hats, and it’s important for the pups to see people wearing hats. Last year Wendell learned he needed to keep track of that hat as it briefly was a favorite puppy toy!

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