Puppy Delivery! Road Trip With Six-Month-Old Pups

Updated: Jun 22

This is a rare photo of Kathy and I together with our traveling pups. I am on the left; Kathy is on the right.

The first of the 2021 Sarika x Milan pups are ready to head to new homes. On 7/14/21, Kathy and I drove to Rapid City, South Dakota, to hand Calypso to her new owner. We then went on to Boulder, Colorado with the two pups that were to live there. At this point we ran into trouble because the fencing in place for the pups was not adequate. The safety of our pups is of paramount importance to us, so we made the difficult decision to bring the pups on home with us. More days in the car was hard on that pair of pups, but they are safely home and happy once again.

We recently made the decision not to place pups father than a day's drive from the ranch. This long transport was to be our last. Given our experience in CO this policy is even more true. Unfortunately, surprises can happen, even when everyone involved is doing their best. We offer lifetime support to our pups and their owners. Keeping the pups close to home helps us to do this.

Traveling with pups is always an adventure. On this journey that was particularly true because we had three, eighty pound pups in my Honda CRV. We take lots of breaks with the pups as we travel, so they learn so much on these trips. As you will see in the video below, staying in a motel with three pups is pretty entertaining! In one of the video clips Kathy has all three pups when a large, noisy truck goes past. I was ready to stop recording the event to run to her aid, but there was no need. In the video with the truck you will see Kathy place a flat hand on the back of two of the pups. This is a hand targeting cue we have taught the dogs; it means stand still. By touching the dogs this way she has let them know that the presence of the truck doesn't need to mean anything to them. This trio of pups handled every new experience with curiosity and confidence. They made new human friends all along the way.

As you view the photos, and watch the video, I hope you'll see the value of our training program here and the genetic base of our dogs, as we did. Taking pups into such novel situations gives us, their trainers, a lot of feedback about how we are doing with the pups. Throughout this trip we felt proud of the pups, and also proud of ourselves. Training such as these pups have had necessitates a considerable time commitment and base of skill. Kathy and I have paid our dues! When we see our pups behave as these three pups did we know it was all worth it!

The pair of pups, the purple tail female and the red male, are available.

I hope you enjoy the photos!

I couldn't resist posing with the dogs near this beautiful sculpture at the elk museum in Montana.

Saying good-bye to Calypso was tough! But for her, I think it was just more of a great adventure.

This is Calypso as the co-pilot in the rental van, headed home with Eric.

Headed home with just the pair of pups we took advantage of walks in our favorite parks along the way.

Our purple tail girl loves water!
Red enters the waterway a little more mindfully.

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