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Photos & Videos - The Cameo 2019 Litter - 3-4 Months Old

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

These are four month old Cameo pups, hard at work.

I move the pups around the ranch and challenge them with new areas. The 12 week old Cameo pups thought today's challenge was lots of fun.

This is Mckenna with four month old Cameo pups. I think it's worth noting that she is kneeling among nine bouncy pups and yet none of them are being foolish. They are a pleasure to be around.

This is me teaching the cue "let's go." I want to be able to ask my dogs to go to work, that I am not there to play. I want them to be out of my way and moving out in front of me. This is a very handy thing for a working dog to know and it's easy to teach to a litter of pups.

Here I'm getting a snuggle from Cameo, who has her head in my lap, and a few of her pups. Blush looks on in the background on the right; Paulie is on my left. The Blush puppies are behind her.

The pups are growing fast. Today I noticed that a couple of Cameo's now five month old pups are almost as tall as she is. When the sun comes out I will do some video of all the litters of pups. It is a beautiful sight to see this many Maremas in one place, especially as they look more and more like adults every day.

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