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Photos & Videos - The Sarika 2019 Litter - 4-5 Months Old

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

This beautiful fellow is five months old and 80+ lbs. He now lives with his partner in northern Idaho.

I haven't been very good at keeping up with posting photos and videos of these litters - and have been doing LOTS of training though so I think I have had my priorities where they should be.

Here are a collection of somewhat random photos and videos of the Sarika pups. I hope you enjoy them!

This five month old Sarika male is doing some continuing leash work with Mckenna. Using the leash as a safety line only we take the pups all over the ranch, exposing them to new areas, sights, and sounds. We use body language to teach the dogs to come with us. This means that the pups are just as likely to come with us off leash as well because the leash was never part of the control. I want the pups to chose to come with me just because I asked. Sometimes they just must, and in those times they handle it well because I have been fair with them from the beginning.

We spend a lot of training time reinforcing manding with the pups. It is lovely to be around adults who default to this posture to ask for attention rather than putting their feet on people. Working with the pups also builds relationship - here's that trust bank account I talk about often. The pups learn to look forward to training sessions and to trust a variety of people. When they meet new people they typically look forward to the opportunity to interact with them rather than being fearful. This is part of why our adolescent pups transition into their new homes so well. They have learned that even with new people, in a new situations, things will go well for them.

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