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Updated: Nov 1, 2020

This Blush pup is eleven days old - warm, fed, and sleepy!

On November 27, 2019 Blush delivered eleven healthy puppies sired by our Centurion; this was their plan, not mine! Centurion got creative with the fencing while I was traveling delivering puppies to their new homes and so here we are.

Blush loves being a mom; I think she is happier in this role than any other. It is challenging for me to have this many puppies here at once (three litters) but it is also very, very rewarding and fascinating. I am really careful with my time management these days, and I have Krysta and Kathy to help me. I am grateful for that! When all the pups were at their youngest I was spending six hours a day caring for and feeding white dogs. As I write this the Blush pups are a month old, so feeding them is much easier than it used to be. Puppies grow up so fast!

As with the other litters I supplemented these pups via a bottle, and then I used tiny bowls so that they couldn't put their feet in their food quite so much. This was a labor intensive way to feed them, from a doing dishes standpoint, but it worked really well.

These three week old pups are lined up at the breakfast bar!

At four weeks of age the little guys had things figured out....

These puppies live next door to the Sarika pups; both litters are entranced with each other! Blush is very tolerant of this proximity, which is wonderful. I have a covered alleyway off the back of both their stalls that opens into their pastures. The puppies play through the fence, and the Blush puppies get to visit with the Sarika litter's sheep.

What a ride!!!

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