• Cindy Benson

Follow Sarika's Litter (3) - Visiting With Gracie - 3-5 wks

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

This is eight year old Gracie giving a 20 day old pup a nice warm treat. I begin supplementing my puppies using Goat's Milk Esbilac Milk Replacement formula when they are three days old; this is just past colostrum production from the mom and a little before her milk really comes in well. In the beginning I only feed them one tablespoon at a time, but this is enough for me to be sure that they are well hydrated and thriving.

After feeding the eleven enthusiastic pups Gracie sat with them in the whelping box - she was a puppy magnet! Sarkia loves her as well....

At about 4 weeks of age the pups begin to learn to lap up food; at that point it gets messy!

This is Gracie's dad in a tender moment with Sarika's six week old pups. It is so beneficial to the pups to be exposed to all sorts of people.

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