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Follow Sarika’s Litter (2) – The Great Outdoors!

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

At fourteen days old...basking in the sun!

Sarika’s pups are doing very well; one of them is over four pounds at this point! They weighed a little over one pound at birth. It is amazing how quickly puppies grow.

Did you know…? Maremma puppies are born without black pigmentation. This color comes in over days, and even months in some cases. With this litter they have their full black pigmentation at fourteen days.

This pup is less than twenty four hours old.....

This male pup has his blank pigmentation at nine days of age.

This is the pups at twelve days old enjoying a little breakfast. Sarika is an amazing mom!

At fourteen days of age we decided the pups were ready to feel sunshine and a different surface under their feet. Their eyes and ears are open at this point; being outside gives they a lot more to see and hear.

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