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Follow Blush’s Litter – It’s A Wrap! – The PennHIP Scores Are In! – 17 wks

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

I am thrilled to have arrived to this point! All the work in producing this blog series has been worth it, all the dedicated training all of us have invested in this incredible litter of pups was worth it – and to top it all off we have been rewarded with PennHIP scores such as these.

I have several Blush blogs yet to write and post, going backwards, and I will write about the new homes the pups are in or going to soon, but I have been looking forward to posting these scores…so here they are!

Green Male - .30 & .26

Pink Tail Female - .28 & .26

Blue Male - .30 & .22

Pink Head Female - .25 & .24

White Male - .24 & .24

Pink Shoulder Female - .25 & .24

Pink Butt Female - .24 & .23

Red back Male - .25 & .22

Turquoise Tail Male - .23 & .27

Red Tail Male - .21 & .27

Turquoise Back Male - .18 & .17!!!!!

This pup's scores place him in the top 5% of all Maremmas ever tested, and only one point higher than his sire.

This is one of the Turquoise Back Male's radiographs...

This radiograph is of a six month old dog (not mine) with bilateral hip problems. This little girl was sound at the time this was taken but probably isn't now.

Most of the interesting information on a PennHIP certificate can be found at the bottom of the document in the area called "Interpretation."

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