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Follow Blush’s Litter (9) – Ramps – 10 wks

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

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In this video it is clear to see that the puppies have become what I lovingly refer to as “novel stimulus junkies.” This means we have done our job well! The pups perceive new things as both fun and exciting; they are confident and they absolutely know how to get us to pay them.

Will we always need clickers? No! Will we always need treats? No!

The use of a clicker and treats is a fast and effective way to teach a new behavior. They are also valuable in supporting (reinforcing) a behavior already learned but are by no means the only way! My voice in encouragement and cuddle time count as reinforcement as do environmental reinforcers such as being allowed into a new area the pups want to explore.

The video below is our full five minute training session.

Stay tuned for the next big changes.....

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