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Follow Blush’s Litter (8) – Creek with Sheep – 10 wks

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

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On this fine day we gave the puppies back their beloved pair of young ewes and added a couple more, in addition to giving them access to the creek field. The puppies enthusiastically covered every bit of the field while checking in with their sheep from time to time. They also got to meet their first mini donkeys, with a fence between them for safety.

When I allow livestock to live with young puppies I always set up the environment in such a way that the puppies have a place of their own to retreat to, and I make sure the sheep can’t corner them anywhere, such as in the back of the metal shelter you see in the video. This is easy to do. I just use gate panels that the puppies can go through and the sheep can't.

This seven minute video shows the full training session with us present, but from this point forward the puppies will be allowed to keep their little sheep flock and have frequent access to their field and the creek field.

At the end of that first day of the pups having access to their field, the creek field, and their sheep - this is what I saw. Beautiful!

Stay tuned for the next big changes.....

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