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Follow Blush’s Litter (7) – Novel Stimulus/Movement – 10 wks

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

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Our novel stimulus challenges for this session included a wobble disk and a teeter totter. The pups have not had access to anything that moved under them at this point so my volunteers and I wondered if this would frighten the pups but it didn't even slow them down.

The puppies are beginning to understand that when we show up with toys there is a game to be found! In these two videos that can be clearly seen. This is our goal: new thing=good things!

Our newest clicker trainers, Marissa and Kayla, are already completely comfortable with using the clicker. They caught the clickable behaviors quickly and kept the pups engaged.

Remember, in addition to showing the pups a good time, we are teaching them that training sessions are something to look forward to. Dogs trained using traditional methods are often tense when they know training sessions are about to happen because there is an unpleasant consequence for being wrong. With the training we are doing here the only consequence is that the pups aren't clicked and paid if they choose not to participate. They still get our snuggles though!

This five minute shows the full training session.

Stay tuned for the next big changes.....

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