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Follow Blush’s Litter (3)– Move to Field 2 – 8 wks

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

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Now that the pups were sure of themselves with their sheep, confident moving around in the entire field, and very physically active it was time to set their environment up to challenge them further. To do this the pups were moved to Field 2, which is connected to the stall they started out in with Blush in the cedar barn, but from there everything is different!

I brought some familiar things to this new stall but for the first time they had straw to sleep in. That is always a reason for a puppy party! We kept the pups in the stall for a few minutes to be sure they were confident enough to keep going. Then we gave them the covered isle way outside the stall and let them get a good look at the new field. I had the pasture divided in half so that it wasn’t quite as overwhelming.

The pups were eager for a better look so we let them have the field and stayed around to watch for puppies that needed a little emotional support. That is so easy to do with a clicker and some string cheese! The pups were having a great time so our work was done for now.

The link above is a 20 minute video that shows the full move and training session.

Late in the day this is what I saw....

I let the pups have access to the field for three days and then took the middle fence out. The link below is to the 12 minute training session.

I brought my mentor dogs in the field from time to time, and we did more novel stimulus training over the next week.

Stay tuned – follow the litter to the next big change!

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