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Follow Blush’s Litter (20) – Overnight In The Big Field – 15 wks

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

This pup is cooling off in a water bucket I didn't think they could fit in - silly me!

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The pups have moved from their safe and familiar home base permanently. They are handling this change beautifully! Rosie and Sabrina are with them. All the pups work the field and I often see single pups working. This thrills me because that is an indication of confidence in the pup.

The group all still eat together, which is also an indication of confidence and a willingness to be respectful of each other. I am often watching them eat from somewhere out of sight, ready to step in to re-direct a pup, and I have done so with the more mature Sabrina a time or two, but mostly mealtimes are times of peace.

The pups are having the BEST time sleeping & playing in these hay feeders.

One morning the pups visited the house dogs – that was very entertaining! I love that even though my little dogs were tossing threats none of the white dogs were anything but curious and entertained. Keeping a litter together really helps the pups understand how to be dogs in a social situation. Since aggression is the #1 cause of euthanasia in this country knowing how to get along could someday save the pup’s life or that of a companion animal.

Stay tuned for the next big change.....

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