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Rosie x Milan 2021 Litter- Waiting List Forming Now

Updated: 3 days ago

Stoneybrook's Milan at one-year-of-age. Stunning boy!

DOB: 7/10/21

Five males and four females - pups available.

Karen, Rosie's owner, sits in the whelping box as Kathy looks on.

My beautiful Milan has been bred to "Rosie", the star in several of our blogs about training. She belongs to a friend of mine, but spent several month here in training with me as a young pup. Rosie is a steady, sure guardian with a lovely attitude in general.

Rosie is the dog on Karen's right.

Rosie and Sabrina live near me. When Rosie's litter of pups is six to nine weeks old, and she is ready to part with them, the litter will come to me.

The waiting list is forming now for pups from this litter. They will be placed at 6-9 months-of-age.

If you are interested in beginning the journey with us, please carefully read my puppy placement policies page, as well as the how to get on my waiting list page. If all that sounds/looks good to you, please reach out to me and introduce yourself. I would be happy to talk about next steps!

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