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Changed Circumstance

I have shared my training journey here at the ranch with Kathy Flynn for several years.

In 2021, when I stepped down as a breeder and changed my focus to training, teaching, and writing, Kathy was naturally less involved with Benson Maremmas. Several months ago, through a mutual decision, I removed Kathy’s bio from my website and removed her as a contact person for my business.

A recent event has changed things yet again.

My beliefs about the ethical treatment of dogs, what is owed to dogs, and how Kathy sees this are not aligned. Therefore, I am making significant changes to distance myself and my business.

I have edited the written content of the 153 blog posts on my website; it will take some time for me to edit all the videos on my site. I will delete many of them or replace them with more current training videos that reflect my ongoing education as a trainer.

The training manual I wrote and published in 2021 is going through its first revision; I will no longer promote Kathy as a trainer.

As a person with a heart, it will take a long time for healing to happen. As a business professional, I must clarify that my relationship with Kathy has ended.

I am excited about what the future holds for Benson Maremmas! I love working with Zoom clients. Having dogs come here for training is very dynamic, as many of them are breeds new to me. I won’t live long enough to write about everything I am learning about training and behavior. I finished my second book recently, written for Kim Crawmer, and am working on two more books. I am blessed to have Eileen Anderson, my wonderful editor, to help me develop my writing voice.

Time marches on.

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