• Cindy Benson

Available Started Dogs - 2021 Sarika x Milan Pairs

The lovely Miss Calypso at twenty-weeks-of-age.

What an outstanding litter these pups are. I have never raised a litter as consistent, in comparison to each other, as this litter is. They have been very interesting to work with; to learn from.

I have two male/female pairs available. Their colors are : Blue Head, Blue Tail, Pink, and Purple Head.

The pups will be old enough to begin to leave me next month, to owners who are well prepared for them.

If you are interested in learning more about these pups please go to their blogs category; there you will find blogs about them, right from the start, including videos of their experiences here with us.

If you are interested in beginning the journey with us, please carefully read my puppy placement policies page, as well as the how to get on my waiting list page. If all that sounds/looks good to you, please reach out to me and introduce yourself. I would be happy to talk about next steps!

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