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Available Started Adolescent Dogs - The Blush x Centurion 11/27/19 litter

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

This handsome fellow will be placed with his Purple Butt female partner. Their new owner has been waiting more than a year for her pair of Blush puppies. I appreciate dedication like that!

Updated 12/20/20

Currently available:

Red Tail male

Blue Tail male

These pups will be placed as a pair only.

It is so often true that when a person finds they need guardian dogs they need them yesterday! They don't have the luxury of time in training young pups because the predator pressure is there now. Those such people would be pleased to see what I see every day.....capable young working dogs just about everywhere I look.

My pricing is $2000 per pup at four months of age, with PennHIP testing included. The price goes up as training time is added, in addition to the increasing cost of feed and husbandry care. At almost ten months of age the price for these pups, per pup, is $2500.

I welcome visitors, even now. I think social distancing in the out of doors does not create a substantial risk for healthy people so if you'd like to meet these incredible dogs please let me know. There are eleven working adolescent dogs on the ranch in addition to our permanent population of sixteen capable adult Maremmas. It is an amazing sight to see this many beautiful Maremmas all on the same ranch at the same time. I love every minute of it!

The photos below were taken by Krysta on 7/2/20 - enjoy!

Blue Tail Blush male

Red Tail Blush male. This pup is available, placed with the Blue Tail male.

Red Butt Blush male. He now lives in Santa Barbara with his Green Cameo partner.

White Blush male. This pup will stay in Orgeon with his new female partner.

Purple Shoulder Blush female. This pup, Shyla, now belongs to my beloved Kathy. Her partners are Renzo, a 2018 Hannah pup, and Luna, a six year old female Maremma.

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