Available Pups! - The PennHIP Scores Are In!

This is Kathy on a walk with a few of the then four-month-old pups.

We currently have 6 males and 5 females available

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All the PennHIP testing is completed - finally! We did testing on fourteen pups from the three litters: the CA litter, the Roxy litter, and the Rosy litter. All the pups scored well.

This adult female "Meadow" is mentoring two of the five-month-old pups.

We usually keep our pups until they are at least six months of age, but a few of the 18 pups have gone to new homes.

This is "Aspen," mentoring two of the pups at four months of age.

Meadow and Aspen used to be partners, but we found that the predator pressure at their new home was too high for only a pair of dogs, so Meadow came home, and two of the male pups have joined Aspen. This photo looks to me as they worked hard all night! This trio is doing great.

Two of the pups moved to replace Rocco and Isla; they are bold and happy in their new home. I will share more about them soon.

After viewing our Placement Policies page, please feel free to inquire about these wonderful pups using our Contact Form.

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