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31 Puppies! All Three Late 2019 Litters

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

This is me snuggling with Cameo and her pups, with puppy trainers Emma and Mckenna.

This is an amazing time in my life. I am at my happiest when I am with my white dogs. Even so, even I would not have thirty one puppies all at the same time on purpose. I did plan for Sarika's and Cameo's litters but Mother Nature had a chuckle at me with Blush and Centurion.

I am a hovering Maremma parent so for five weeks I slept in one stall or another for the first two weeks of each litter's life. At one point I needed to be in two places at the same time so I cut a hole in the stall wall right at the height of my pillow! These were winter litters; for three months my power bill was triple what it usually is as I heated three stall with moms and pups, and me. Sarika had eleven pups on 10/20/19, Cameo had nine pups on 11/17/19, and Blush had her twelve pups on 11/27/19. I lost one of Blush's pups due to a congenital defect, but other than that I managed to raise all of them. I am usually good at keeping up with my web site, but in this case I had to choose between caring for the puppies really well or writing about them. So, finally, here is my update on the litters.

As a trainer and science geek it has been very interesting to watch all three litters go into and out of developmental windows of time. I owe so much to my puppy trainers; they have been critical in my success with the pups. One person could not train thirty one pups well!

This is Kathy reinforcing manding with 8 wk old Sarika pups.

This is Krysta working with 10 wk old Cameo pups.

These are my "4-H" girls working with four month old Cameo pups.

Emma with 12 wk old Cameo pups; 4 month old Sarika pups look on.

My trainers hard at work with Cameo pups and a mentor on the left and Blush puppies on the right.

Emma and Mckenna with five month old Sarika pups.

OK, raising the litters is a work in progress and I had better get back to it. What a ride! Stay tuned....

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