• Cindy Benson

2021 Sarika x Milan Litter - 8 wks - Meet the Baby Goats - Need Plan B!


The pups have been living with the sheep, and their tiny lambs, very successfully for a couple of weeks now. I have recently added Nubian goats to our puppy training program. Two of them are bottle babies that are about six weeks old. They are taller than the lambs, and seem bold to me, so I thought we should introduce them to the puppies. Bad idea! Plan B needed! The puppies had a great time, but these puppy-livestock introductions need to be respectful of the needs of the livestock as well as the pups.

It took us just a little over one minute to realize we had made a mistake with the goat babies. They are not as emotionally resilient as the lambs (probably because they are far more intelligent than the lambs) so we picked them up and abandoned our Plan A.

Plan B is now in place. I have four three month old Nubian goats sharing a fence line with the puppies. I think the puppies are ready to interact the the goats, but the goats aren't ready yet. They still startle easily when the puppies run past, so I will wait a bit for the goat-lets to be ready.

I wanted to share this lesson to us with you. I feel like I am stating the obvious when I share that Kathy and I make mistakes here, but just in case, for some odd reason, you are inclined to believe we ALWAYS know what we are doing - here's proof that we do not! We try Plan A, with any training situation, and then read the animals in front of us because they will tell us if our plan was a good one that would accomplish the goals we had in mind, or not.

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