• Cindy Benson

2021 Sarika x Milan Litter - 8 wks - Introduction to Mentors

#LGDpuppytraining #Maremmatraining

This is Benson, a sixteen month old neutered male pup. Notice the beautiful, soft countenance in his expression. Why? How? He is being accosted by this group of irreverent pups. Thank you Benson!

We use many of the adult and adolescent dogs to mentor the pups. Some mature dogs are willing to do this from across the fence only, while others will allow the pups to crowd them. We appreciate tolerance from our mentor dogs, but we also like it when they set boundaries for the pups. In these interactions neither Meadow or Benson were willing to do so. Instead, they seemed to enjoy the chaos! But as the pups mature their "puppy license to misbehave" will wear thin and adult dogs will discipline the pups, as they should.

Both Meadow and Benson share a fence line with the pups, and do actively cuddle with them through the fence, so this pair of dogs were our logical starting point in terms of interactions within their pasture with other Maremmas.

We brought Benson in first and he was a star! He seemed to really enjoy the pushy pups.

Meadow was patient with the pups, but had a better time investigating their pasture and toys. That works too!

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