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2021 Sarika x Milan Litter - 5 wks - Clicker Training Begins!

Updated: Mar 18

The pups at four weeks of age, with a brand new bottle lamb.

DOB: 1/14/21

4 Males & Five Females

My apologies at being so slow to get these pups posted to my web page! The pups may all be spoken for at this point. I'm not absolutely sure about that, as I give myself, and my prospective puppy buyers, room to change our minds, If you are interested in pups, please feel free to let me know that. I may have adolescent males available, and we are expecting another litter of pups in July. The waiting list is now forming for those pups. They will be sired by Milan as well, and out of a lovely little female that I helped raise, whose name is Rosie.

This first session with the pups is always a fun mix of what our training goals are, and what is real for pups. It starts with teaching them to take tasty things from our fingers, before they fall asleep and we have to start again later. It is impossible to work with/near puppies and not smile, so no matter how far we get with training goals our time spent together is treasured.

We thought we'd show the pups a new challenge; it turned out to not be much of a challenge!

Then we showed the pups the tarp. That was pretty fun too! Yea pups!

The pups have been wanting to come into the interior of the barn, so we allowed three of the awake pups to do so. On deck were Jessie, my experienced Border Collie, and Casey, our young Border Collie, AKA "Tornado." To our surprise, she was a wonderful puppy mentor on this day, although she did go into the stall and steal a puppy toy.

We have more adventures planned. I will work at doing a better job of sharing our journeys with you!

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