• Cindy Benson

2021 Sarika x Milan Litter - 10 wks - The Plan B Goat Introduction

The first session with the pups and two goats ended quickly; the goats were overwhelmed by the pups, and the pups were too bouncy around them, so we ended that session and made a new plan - Plan B! This is our Plan B session.

I was able to purchase four three month old goats. I pastured them next to the puppies for a week or so. These four goats are much less reactive, in general, than the pair we used previously. That helps a lot.

We began the session cautiously, with only two pups, and with a harness and leash. The puppies were calm, and so were the goats, so I took a chance and let the rest of the litter join us.

Eventually, the goats got tired of the pups, and the pups got bouncy, so we ended the goat session. The girls then took the pups for walks around the barnyard, on harness.

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