Maremmas and Children

Gentle, Gentle, Gentle….

Maremmas are inherently kind, soulful, sensitive dogs.

I often hear concerns from people new to the breed about the safety of their children and small, household pets are around these big, powerful “guard” dogs. I’ve seen very few Maremmas that belong to other people so maybe my experience of the breed isn’t typical but I can tell you that every one of my dogs has adored all ages of children. Every field here on the ranch has two 100 lb +/- dogs working in it.


Children come as guests and the dogs love it. Indeed, they are so cognizant of their size and strength that they dial it way down when around children. None of my dogs has ever even bumped a child, of any age. Very often I see a dog at each shoulder escorting the child across the field. And for their part rarely do visiting children seem afraid of the dogs. Children are intuitive. The dogs exude gentle good will. This chemistry is a beautiful thing to see.

* Top left photo:  This is our breeding male Milan with my then thirteen month old granddaughter. Even when she was a baby he was smitten with her.  More photos in gallery.

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